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One of the benefits of running gDiapers with Kim is that every now and then when we have to travel, we bring the kids. Today is that day. We are off to nyc today, spending a week there doing a bunch of things while the kids enjoy the city. In a former life in Sydney, I was a high school teacher and one of my students is now living in NYC. He’s in charge of the boys for the week. He was also Fynn’s first babysitter and memorably put his diaper on back to front.
So the boys will check out Central Park, the zoo, MOMA (see Mum, they’re getting kulcha) and maybe see a show.
And then at the end of the work week a dear friend from school who lives in Hong Kong (and hosted us on our way to China last year) will also be in NYC so we’ll have a good catch up with him too.
We’ve managed to pack for 4 in 2 carry-ons. All that back acking before, during and after Uni really IS valuable!! Maybe more valuable than the degree!

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