State of Origin

More important than the Superbowl, NBA playoffs, March Madness and the NHL final…

(New South Wales in Blue, Queensland in Red. That's right kids, no helmet or pretty pads needed. Just raw guts and determination and a desire to bleed for your team)

Way more important than these three -ringed circuses, back home we have the State of Origin…a three match series in Rugby League (a lesser version of Rugby Union but still) between New South Wales – the greatest state in the history of the world ever (and where you will find Sydney) and Queensland. The name says it all…yes, yes they have the Great Barrier Reef, amazing national parks, great golf courses and Jupiters Casino but I still can't find their Opera House or Harbour Bridge…

So Game 1 just wrapped (like 10 minutes ago)  and the Queenslanders – we call them Banana benders – got a win.

I wouldn't care so much living 10,000 miles away from home. Except for that fact that when we moved to the US – a country of 300,000,000 people, Kim and I happen to live next to Queenslanders…I write this from New York. I wonder if we can extend our stay for 2 – 3 years?

Just kidding Rob, Maree, Joey and Beth…we really do think you rock. Please don't burn our house down.