The Imelda Marcos complex


My name is Jason Graham-Nye and I have a running shoe problem. Step One done. Eleven to go.

After my first marathon in Sydney 10 years ago, I had hip issues and gave the game away. We moved to the US in 2005 to Portland – the home of US Track & Field. I was wooed back into running as a way to manage the insanity of launching a start up. Despite both Adidas and Nike being headquartered here, I had shoe issues. Pictured are the three pairs I have raced in recently. The gardening shoes on the right have done 3 marathons. The Vivo's (in the middle) just ran Eugene Marathon. And the K Swiss Australiana's did a 12 km race 3 weeks ago.

And yet, I have a dicky achilles so I am seeing my podiatrist (an ex US Track & Field star) to figure it out. Judging by the look on Kim's face, I don't think a new pair of runners is in my near future.

1 thought on “The Imelda Marcos complex”

  1. Hey Jason – you gotta try the Vibram Fivefingers. Ugly as hell but great for running once you asjust. I’ve been in them for nearly a year without pain. That said, never done more than about 16 miles in them.


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