Diapers in Kindergarten?


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I more than most recognize the contentious topics related to parenting given the business I am in. As I cruise around the interverse, the proliferation of Mummy and Daddy blogs astound me. And the ability to post comments anonymously offers a potent mix for folks to judge like there's no tomorrow. 

Kim and I are vehemently for choice in everything. I don't think we have one friend back in Sydney who uses gDiapers. And that is fine by us. We're still friends! Your choice in diapers is so personal. gDiapers isn't for everyone. Parents are all busy and we have a million choices to make about child-rearing so why contribute to it all with yet more judgments?  We strongly advocate the "whatever floats your boat" approach to life. We think breastfeeding is great. It worked for us but we know it doesn't work for everyone. As someone says in the article below, better a happy parent using formula than a guilt-ridden one trying in vein to get their milk to come in. Just feed the kid!

So with that tee up, the Motherlode in the New York Times dropped a grenade into the parenting debate with the topic of potty training. The 63 comments are insightful about how vociferous we are about this particular subject!

For the record, our 5 year old son still has the odd accident…ugh.

3 thoughts on “Diapers in Kindergarten?”

  1. This wouldn’t even be an issue or debate in my house, because Our Schools require that your child is potty trained before preschool let alone kindergarten.


  2. MANY of the 4+ yr old kids I have nannied over the year have had the occasional accident and some more than occasionally.
    I guess I had an easy kiddo, he PT’ed himself at 2.5 (much to my dismay since I had/have g’s coming out my ears. 😛 ) But there are children who are NOT ready before they are ready and pushing them can lead to a power struggle. If there is one thing you do not want it’s a power struggle.
    You can lead your child to the potty but you can not make them poop.


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