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Just go play with your kids!

A really interesting piece of research from Ikea, yes Ikea…about parents and kids and playing. We draw Angel cards at the beginning of each year in our family and my Angel for this year is “play”…a good reminder to go do that! (Thanks Mark for this!)

1 thought on “Just go play with your kids!”

  1. SO true and so important! I’m a huge advocate of letting your inner child out to play! You can’t help but do that when you’re around children and take the time to pay attention to them and their need to play, thereby nurturing your own playful spirit. Where there’s play, there’s laughter, and where’s there’s laughter there’s good energy 🙂
    Are you talking about Doreen Virtue oracle cards? My 22 month old loves holding and looking at the artwork. The unicorns are her favorite 🙂


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