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Chocolate flavored formula. Discontinued…the power of social media. Discuss.

Wow, what a difference a week makes. That and a bazillion blog / twitter /Facebook comments about this product (including the three people who read my blog. Hi Mum!)


Mead Johnson pulls controversial toddler drink
By Guy Montague-Jones, 09-Jun-2010

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Online criticism on blogs and forums has prompted Mead Johnson to pull a fortified chocolate drink aimed at toddlers.

The recent addition to the Enfagrow Premium range attracted a lot of negative attention on the internet as bloggers hit out against the idea of a chocolate formula product.

Distraction to brand

This pressure has led Mead Johnson to discontinue the product. Spokesperson Christopher Perille said the online debate was in danger of being “a distraction to the brand”.

Nevertheless, the company insists that there has been some “mischaracterization and misunderstanding” surrounding the story.

Mead Johnson spokesperson Christopher Perille said the chocolate product had often been misrepresented as an infant formula product when it is in fact a “growing up milk” aimed at toddlers. He said the idea is to

Nutritional profile

But Mead Johnson claims the chocolate drink has a superior nutritional profile to many other alternative products on the market including apple juice, grape juice, and similarly flavored dairy drinks.

Perille said toddlers can be picky about their food and the Mead Johnson chocolate drink is way for parents to ensure that their young children get access to important nutrients. The product contained vitamins A, B1, B6, C and E and was also a source of Omega-3 DHA and prebiotics.

Although Mead Johnson has stopped the chocolate version of the Enfagrow Premium brand, the company plans to continue selling its original unflavored version and a vanilla flavor launched last year. The products are sold only in the US through traditional retail stores.


11 thoughts on “Chocolate flavored formula. Discontinued…the power of social media. Discuss.”

  1. If it isn’t FORMULA, than why does the label say TODDLER FORMULA…DUH! These people really are bad at explaining themselves. I am a breastfeeding mama anyway so this really doesn’t have impact on my shopping list, but I still think it is ridiculous to have any product labeled as toddler formula whether it is unflavored, vanilla or chocolate.


  2. My thought is, if you don’t like a product, dont buy it! Ridiculous that people are complaining about it. It’t not an infant formula, its a TODDLER formula. Both my girls were very picky eaters and poor weight gainers. It would have been nice to have something like this for them when they were transitioning from breastfeeding to something else.


  3. I dont think this should have been discontinued. Everyone feeds thier toddlers chocolate milk. Grant ya this is a more expensive chocolate milk, but still….


  4. why has nobody complained about pediasure, or ovaltine, or any other “chocolate milk” product out there that is supposed to be good for your kids? There is more sugar in apple juice than chocolate milk (even when made the traditional way). I could understand if it was infant formula…but it isn’t.
    I am a mom who tries to do the best for her kids. Cloth diaper or hybrid diapers. Organic fruits, veggies and natural foods. I used organic formula when I couldn’t breastfeed anymore. My son is 2 and still has never tasted even watered down apple juice because of the sugar content. But over-sensitivity is more of a problem in this country than the poor nutritional value of foods. Nobody MAKES you buy potato chips and cookies or fast food. If giving a child chocolate milk is the only way to get milk into them… why is that so terrible? Its better than giving them Juicy Juice.


  5. I think that this is crazy and ridiculous. What was so wrong with the product. I still feed my 7 and 4 year old girls pediasure. They are both extremely non picky, healthy eaters but beneath the charts underweight due to very very high metabolisms. Pediasure helps them maintain some weight at 36 and 27 lbs. This is a good idea. You don’t have to buy it if you don’t like it. I breastfeed both of them until they decided not to and am about to start with another one in a few days. No one is forced to fed this to their child, you have to buy it first. It is not coming free flowing out of your faucet, the fairy did not magically put it into your child’s cup and your refrigerator did not produce it over not. People stop idiotic complaining over products you personally do not and will never consider using. It’s not fair to the parents that do and will use a product.


  6. I just want to say that not EVERYONE gives their toddlers chocolate milk. I do not, and don’t plan to until my son is much older (he’s 2 now). Please don’t use the term “everyone” – no one parents the exact same way as someone else!


  7. Why do people start their kids on choclate milk in the first place?! I don’t understand that concept one bit. If chocolate is not good for them, don’t add it too foods that are! People are too willing to give in when they feel taht their kids aren’t eating enough. Look at the incidence of obesity in this nation, clearly they are eating enough! Normal sized kids are even being labelled as overweight. Welcome to the counrty, I guess!


  8. hey guys, no one MADE them discontinue it – it wasn’t recalled. They CHOSE to because of the negative response. Consumer/market pressure at it’s best for once. Wanna feed your kids Pediasure every once in a while when they need to gain some weight? Fine. But when people see “formula” they tend to think of it as something to feed the little one EVERY DAY, or even every MEAL. The majority of “toddlers” do NOT need this or any other “formula” – they need a healthy, varied diet and to be drinking MORE WATER.
    Oh, and I stalk your blog… just don’t comment much here. Goodness knows you folks hear from me enough on FB.


  9. Whole foods are the best nutrition for children and adults alike. Fake, flavored, processed supplements aren’t doing anyone any favors.
    BTW, cow’s milk is for cows. Kids don’t need it to grow strong and heathy. “Milk does a body good” is a BS milk-farmer propaganda.


  10. The solution for picky eater is not junk food!! Chocolate flavored milk is just that, junk! There are so many other healthier ways to work around picky eaters. So glad they discontinued the product, they should do the same with the other flavors.


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