Seth Godin

If you only had 5 hours a day to work…

An interesting question posed by Seth Godin this morning" 

One way to do indispensable work is
to show up more hours than everyone else. Excessive face time and
candle-burning effort is sort of rare, and it's possible to leverage it
into a kind of success.

But if you're winning by cheating the
clock, you're still cheating.

The problem with using time as your
lever for success is that it doesn't scale very well. 20 hours a day at
work is not twice as good as 18, and you certainly can't go much beyond

What would happen if you were prohibited from working more
than five hours a day. What would you do? How would you use those five
hours to become indispensable in a different way?

Go ahead, try
it. Just for a week. See what happens. Even if you go back to ten,
you'll discover you've changed the way you compete.

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