Technology and parenting

A great article in the New York Times about distracted parenting. I am so guilty of this and Kim is so good about attempting to manage me. (I don’t think I am at the level shown in this photo though…!)  It’s a 24/7 job. I promise I’ll do better. There. It’s in writing. My 3 followers are witnesses. Keep me honest will you? 


4 thoughts on “Technology and parenting”

  1. Jason, i think it definately is a problem. I see it with my daughter and grandson
    if he comes and tugs on me, and I am on an electronic device, it is just like if I am busy with anything else…I immediately acknowledge him and either tell him “just a minute” or I take care of his needs. My daughter on the other hand…he has to tug on her about 3 times to get her attention.


  2. In the rare instance that my husband and I manage to get out on a date, we often find ourselves both sitting on our iphones in the restaurant updating facebook about the fact that we are on a date…or uploading a picture of the food we are eating, etc. It’s kind of sad when we realize we were wasting our precious time out on our stupid phones! We are at least good about spending a lot of time outside with our kids and leaving the technology behind.


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