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We at "g" are but a small company with lofty goals while google is a little older and massive but we do share more than just a "g". We try our best to make sure our fabulous gTeam is excited about working here, just like Google. With their enormous size however, they are in a much better place to offer a whole lot more.

Will Marre wrote a great piece about the Google way.

Hopefully as we keep growing, we too can offer the kind of benefits Google does. Here's a quick summary of theirs:


  • They run 11 free gourmet cafeterias at its headquarters and offer all its employees free gourmet meals.
  • They offer $5,000 toward an environmentally friendly car and offer free, Wi-Fi coaches from five Bay Area locations.
  • As part of maternity, Google reimburses employees for up to $500 in takeout food to ease the first four weeks at home.
  • Other conveniences offered to employees include a workout room with weights and rowing machine, locker rooms, a massage room, childcare, and five onsite doctors available for employee checkups, free of charge.

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