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The Australia Day Gift: Australia’s Blue Riband Amateur Athletic Event.

I am sad to report I am missing my favorite athletic event today which is be run back in Australia. It is a 100 metre dash organised by Jason Buffier, our fearless rugby captain of 1995 Judd Cup Premiership fame (?). This is the official blurb:



Like most great Australian traditions, The Austrialia Day Gift has it’s origins in a public bar argument between old mates over a few beers.

It was the afternoon of 25 January 2004 when four gentlemen were perched up at the Charing Cross Hotel, solving the world’s problems. Discussion turned to how they would be spending the next morning before meeting at Randwick Racecourse. One party suggested that he may be going for a run, where after a quarrel ensued as to which of them would prevail in a race over the Melbourne Cup distance of 3,200m. It was resolved that they would convene at Centennial Park the next morning and settle the matter definitively – in a one lap race around the Park. The Australia Day Gift was born.

Over the ensuing years the event has grown a life of its own. The bulk of participants have a pedigree from Scone Thoroughbreds JRLFC, Newcastle Uni Rugby Club &/or Waverley Rugby Club – all have retired from footy but the competitive spirit still burns.

I was lucky enough to win it '07 and am trying to work out when I will next be in Australia in the next couple of years to have another go around. The boys seem to be getting faster as they age…Run well men!

Gift 2007b

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