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The question of the day in preparation for our gParty tonight…

We are having our end of year (2010) party tonight (for many reasons it is in January. We are all less stressed in January, it's cheaper and the pesky Founders here tend to evacuate to Australia in December). So the questions of the day just posed now were:

1) Who's going to get a spray tan?

2) Does tanned fat look better than white fat?

I am happy to out myself here. While I am not going into the booth today, I memorably did get a spray tan prior to an interview with NBC. It must have been the American accent in the automated booth because I didn't hear the instruction to turn around half way through the procedure. I ended up with a deep tan front side and nada on the other side. I had a distinct white line on either side of my neck. And all the girls in the office laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed…



2 thoughts on “The question of the day in preparation for our gParty tonight…”

  1. I will never, ever forget that day! I think that might have been the first time I ever peed my pants at work.
    And to answer your questions:
    1) that’d be me
    2) DEFINITELY yes!


  2. I just about spit my coffee out on the laptop! I have never done tanning but I could only imagine the shock and horror that you would have felt! Bahahahahaha! To answer the second question: yes, tanned fat does look better and that is why I hide in the winter 🙂


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