You know when you think you've started one thing and it turns out to be something different? I could have sworn gDiapers was a diaper company but Angel, a customer posted a story on Facebook this morning that seems to suggest that gDiapers is in fact a currency too! Thanks Angel.

Septic tank users … I had my tank (we have a large septic tank) anyway…We had it cleaned out on Friday. The septic man was like what do you put in there?? We empty it every two years and it was less than half full.
I said grefills. He is like what?? They broke down better than toilet paper…

He was impressed. So he came into my home and I showed him a gpant and grefills. And he ended up buying eight of them with two packs of refills that I had. And handed me my bill paid in full. G's even work for the barter system.. And the septic systems..:)

To be clear, septics + g's are a case by case situation. Give us a bell if you have questions!

I'd like to think I could go down to the pub this 'arvo and buy a round in exchange for a pair of gPants…oh, that would be good. 

1 thought on “gCurrency”

  1. We love gDiapers in our household, but I might love trading stuff even more! My husband’s a winemaker, and we would totally trade wine for gDiapers. Thoughts?


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