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Problem. Solution.

We finally finished our move to our new digs this weekend. We rent and our landlord decided to raze the place and build two new properties on the land (it is a double block). Our new place is 3 blocks down on the same street. You'd think that given we arrived in the US with one child, one dog and some suitcases six years ago, we wouldn't have too much excess baggage. Well the two trips to the tip yielded 800 lbs of unnecessary clutter. There were also 6 trips to Goodwill! So we are now lean and mean again. It is always funny managing the kids toys. If you do it when they are out and about playing, you manage to "downsize" way quicker…

We did most of the move on our own with a U Haul but Aussie neighbor Rob was invaluable for the really heavy stuff – Dryer, Treadmill, beds, sofas etc… The killer issue however was the trampoline. It is 14 foot in diameter and it took 8 adults a day to build it in the back yard. So there was no way in the wide world of sports I was going to dismantle it. There had to be a better way. And there was…

Aussie Rob and I devised a bold plan to tip the 14 foot trampoline on its side and roll it out of the backyard down the back lane and into our new place. Simple. Well…sort of. Only, the overhead phone / TV cables were an issue as were the trees between the tramp and the back fence. Then there was the back fence itself. In plotting the plan, I underestimated the size of the thing and over-estimated Rob and my strength. I could have sworn we were both manly Australians. I thought we could just bounce it over the fence. The result was quite comical. Along the way, Tim (another neighbor) rocked up with a chainsaw to solve all our problems. Tree branches? Gone. Sections of back fence ? Gone. So we were off and rolling (literally) down the back lane. The uphills were tough, the downhills kinda fun. Scott, another neighbor came along for the ride and we finally got to our new place. Luckily the back fence there was removable so a lot less work. And then we were done and the neighborhod kids were bouncing to their hearts content. Mission Accomplished.

Thank you Rob, Tim & Scott.

The old place with pesky fence and trees…Trampoline brooding in the background.Back lane on the LHS.


From inside the backyard of the old place. Aussie Rob doing some "pruning".At least this part of the fence fell over on its' own…


Canadian Kim's enormous canons at work, tipping the tramp on its' side with Rob. At this stage we thought we could fit a 14 foot trampoline through a 4 foot break in the fence. Yes, I am a Liberal Arts graduate.


Realising that 14 doesn't go into 4, Tim took to the fence with his chainsaw. Oh sweet sound of chainsaw on wood…


Aussie Rob showing his strong, resilient Queensland side lifts the post out with just one arm.


Let the rolling begin…


Scott joins the great roll. Passing traffic took a good look.


At the new place, Tim did some trimming…



Rolling into the new backyard.


In she goes!


The geniuses behind the plan. Beer please.



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