Ahhhh…curse you Boston Athletic Association….

Oh man…one thing on my bucket list is to qualify to run the Boston Marathon. It is the oldest marathon in the world and the only one that requires you to qualify. For me at 41, that meant completing a marathon in 3 hours 20 minutes. Over the past five years, I have slowly chipped away at my Personal Best but am still a hefty 20 minutes away. In May, I am running Eugene and hope to take a big chunk of time off – like 8 minutes.

Today the BAA announced faster qualifying times. Now, I need to go 5 minutes faster – a 3 hour 15 minute race. But the new times don't kick in until 2013 so if by some miracle (serious miracle or Kim runs the company on her own and I just check out for the next 3 months and run) I might get there…maybe. Possibly…


Never say never – that's one thing g has taught me.


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