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Second Annual Credit Suisse Entrepreneurs Summit

Screen shot 2011-03-07 at 5.20.27 PM

A room with a snowy view

I am thrilled to be here in Sundance, Utah today and tomorrow for this summit to speak about running a socially responsible business. 5 years ago I couldn't imagine mainstream audiences caring that much about triple-borrom line businesses but it is 2011 – a brave new era it seems.

Excitingly, Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's is tonight's keynote with Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter speaking before our panel on "Visions of success: Case Studies in Best Practices". I am meeting my fellow panelists Dr Cory Kidd of  Intuitive Automata and and Joe Meyer of  HopStop tonight. I am always fascinated to learn about other entrepreneur's companies and share war stories!



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