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American Airlines

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I know I am not the first to say this but man American Airlines is bad. Like the worst ever. 

Human behavior is fairly simple to understand. If you charge $25 for the first bag to be checked then lo and behold, no one checks anything and everyone stands around waiting to board with carry-ons that weigh a ton and barely fit overhead. Check-in staff then do the dance…they see that on a 757 there are 3 bags underneath and 300 waiting to take a run at an overhead bin. They walk the waiting area and start the negotiation. "Could you check that?". "Fat chance". And so it goes…

Add to that the powdered milk, limited in-flight entertainment, pre-war aircraft and tired crews (or vice versa on those last two points) and it is a miracle they are still in business.


1 thought on “American Airlines”

  1. Sounds about right. Zack was on a flight recently (Delta) that after boarding everyone and everything, and waiting an half hour with no word decided they have to offload some FUEL! because they were too heavy. Um ok… Now instead of a direct flight to Minnesota they had to stop in WA for fuel thus putting Z behind on his connection. 😦 For all that hassle and lack of communication and hours of added waiting (they waited AGAIN to unload/load fuel etc and on the runway an hour) they were greeted in MN to new tickets on the counter (isn’t that against a security law?!) a $6 voucher for restaurants and stores that were closed for dinner and a really GROSS hotel voucher. If Z said it was gross, it must have been pretty bad. 😦
    Not a stitch of customer service… he did get an email with a 2k in miles later but really?! THAT’S IT?! Thanks a lot. It goes from bad to worse I guess.


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