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Addicted to books. And the first page of this one made me so sad…

Screen shot 2011-09-22 at 11.31.23 AM

Kim knows I have a serious addiction to books. And no, going to the library doesn't help. They need to be new and shiny.

I am concurrently reading titles that cover the following:

1) A Sport's Illustrated journalist's efforts as a Caddy for some of the PGA's best golfers (except Tiger. He said no).

2) The power of willpower based on that great '60's expeirment that offered kids one marshmallow now or two if they waited 10 minutes. It follows the kids through their lives with some very interesting results. I love marshmallows.

3) The true story of murder in the Mormon community by Jon Krakauer: "Under the Banner of Heaven".

4) The Method Method – the story of the challenger brand Kim and I love so much – Methodhome.com.

5) The story of the state of the global economy by Michael Lewis (book pictured) I read his first bestseller in the '80's about the circus that is the financial markets for a fresh grad right when I was a fresh grad entering (lo and behold) the financial markets as a stockbroker.

It was this book that crushed me last night. The simple explanation of the state of financial affairs that is besetting our global economy and the fellow that figured it out and shorted it. I'm up to page 3. Not sure I can go further.

The marshmallow research is more fun.



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