Q1 nearly done

We have had probably the busiest quarter travel-wise for some time due to the UK / French business and needs in Philly / NYC.

Just when we thought we were done, we are heading back to Sydney tomorrow to get our US work visas renewed. Like all good bureaucracies (Australia is no different. The process for Kim to get her Aussie citizenship was comical) this one is a doozy. The rules are kind of random and change. I need to prove that my 3 year Uni degree (standard in Australia) is actually worth a 4 year degree (as I've run g for a while now), there are  requirements related to the business and it is all together not a very comfortable process due to all the uncertainty. Hopefully our interview Monday morning will go just fine. And then we leave the Consulate and wait. We wait until the US Consular puts our stamped passports in an enveloppe and sends them to us. And Australia Post actually gets around to delivering them. Which in the case of my Aussie friend happened about a month later due to a Postal worker's strike. So we need to budget about a week for that and then we are all set.

While we wait, we are setting up a gSydney office and working US hours next week  to fully test out Skype and see how seamless or not it can be. Rather than bolt home after that, we are Spring Breaking in Fiji which is kind of Australia's equivalent to Mexico. It's just up the road and it is very chilled. So that bit will be good. We found a deserted island on Just the 4 of us for 7 days. No power, two Bure's and a bunch of water sports gear. It will either be awesome or the kids are going to mutiny and this will be my last post.

Kim is the Master of packing so to avoid the risk of lost bags as we land in Sydney (very high) and to avoid schlepping around Fiji with a ton of stuff, she has managed to do it with 5 carry-on bags.  I have no idea how but I just don't care. She is a genius. 


I am also weighing up reading options for the 15 hour flight…

Screen shot 2012-03-22 at 9.44.28 PM



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