The view from gHQ Sydney

We have just completed our first week of work from gHQ Sydney. We are down here getting our US work visas renewed and wanted to test drive working US hours from here. The gTeam tell me that it has worked well. Having a 24/7 Skype connection means they can just drop into the Board Room and say hello, ask a question etc. It means pre-dawn starts to the day but we wrap by 10am Sydney time and then have the day with the kids.

Happily the visa renewal went off without a hitch. It happens every two years and each time the rules change a bit and you are never quite sure. This time around the interviewer was a Mum of a 15 month old, knew all about gDiapers and was quite the chatty Cathy. She was going to go tell her friend that she had met some of the gFamily. We then started rabbiting on about the TV series "Portlandia" and she mentioned her other friend who works in Sam Adams office and is stinging for a cameo. "Oh, and by the way your visas have been renewed".

We met with the inventor of g's, Sue yesterday. She takes such a wonderfully simple approach to product design and there are many new things in the hopper. She has done an incredible job working with councils here to have her product accepted in kerbside composting programs. Yo, America…when are you going to follow suit??

The kids have been doing homework with my Mum much to their chagrin and then ducking off down to the beach for a wave afterwards. They have enjoyed catching up with their Sydney mates while we wait for passports to be mailed to us. Please Australia Post, don't stuff up…we are off on our Spring Break next week and that will be hard to do without visas and passports.




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