Mother's Day 2012

Running for Mums. (You can help too!)

Mother's Day! A day to say thank you to your one and only Mum.
Herewith some daggy (Aussie for "uncool") photos of me and my Mum through the years.


(Red shoes make you go faster)

Screen shot 2012-05-04 at 8.08.34 AM

(Seventies sunglasses appear to be back)


(Me and Mum in January)

In some countries the birth experience is life threatening due to the great distances expectant Mums need to travel to give birth, a lack of medical expertise, food and water. It is fraught.

Looking across the world, Sudan's maternal mortality rate is 1 in 7 meaning that 1 Mum in 7 will likely die giving birth. This puts them at the bottom globally (171 / 171 countries). Ireland has the most successful likely outcomes at 1 in 47,000 while in the US it is 1 in 4,800 (41/171). More details can be found here.

Given this reality, Kim and I are huge supporters of Every Mother Counts (, a non-profit that supports maternal and child health.

As some may know, I love to run and when time permits, tackling a marathon is especially "fun". Kim reliably tells me that the feeling I get at Mile 22 (screaming for my mummy as I enter a deep existential crisis in my mind) is not quite as challenging as childbirth but quite close!

To support Every Mother Counts, I am joining Team EMC to run the New York City Marathon this November. I am raising $2,700 to support the cause.

Please dig deep and give generously. For all who give, I will be sending you an Aussie delicacy! You'll love it, I know. 

Donations can be made here:

Thank you!

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