Great Society

How not to pitch for an account



This morning, Kim and I both received a very elaborate red faux-lacquer box with a certificate and medal inside from a local Portland creative services / branding company called Great Society.

We are pitched each year from this group with ever more elaborate gimics but this one takes the cake. Their shtick is Russian, so is communism the answer when it comes to our brand? So confusing and the effort is just so cheesy. And they are branding company…

We received a fake award, the "Crimson Star Medallion of Chivalrous Valor for distinguished performance of meritorious service in the fields of Communication, Marketing and Humanity from the Department of Egonomics. (Yes, Egonomics). And PS, if you have any "problem, puzzle, pickle or predicament contact Scott.""

Scott, I do have a pickle. I have a pickle with you. This is just weird. And you won't win my business. Ever (or evah as the kids seem to be saying these days). That's a pretty long time. And we now have to dispose of two boxes with two fake medals and two fake certificates.


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