A new day and a new office…

We spent Friday afternoon, reworking the office. I am looking forward to getting in there tomorrow and seeing how the space works. I am very excited. Here are some pics of some of the crew at work. Note Kate blowdrying  Dodge's hair with a drill.

Photo 2



Today's New York Times had a great piece about how we can rearrange the way we work each day to maximise our effectiveness. Check it out here. If a click away is a bridge too far, here are some excerpts:

Employees generally need to detach from their work and their work space to recharge their internal resources, he says. Options include walking, reading a book in another room or taking the all-important lunch break, which provides both nutritional and cognitive recharging.

It’s shortsighted not to take this time, or for managers to discourage employees from taking it, he says.

Try to take a break before reaching the absolute bottom of your mental barrel, Professor Trougakos says. Symptoms of needing time to recharge include drifting and daydreaming.

There is no need to take a break if you’re on a roll, Professor Trougakos advises. Working over an extended period can be invigorating — if it’s your choice. What drains your energy reserves most is forcing yourself to go on, he says.
So tomorrow we enjoy the new space and test drive this theory.

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