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As we go into Autumn 2013, I have not been here in Blogville for quite some time. 4 months to be precise. But I'm back. There is much to report. 

Kim and the kids are back from 6 months in Tokyo, Thailand, Tanzania and Turkey (yes, it was the 'T" tour). Our 8 year old Harper emerged with a very fun business idea he is developing with Kim. I am not allowed to tell anyone but when I can, I will! Fynn climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and raised $8,000 for Every Mother Counts.

Kim and I have new-found perspective as we individuate away from gDiapers – it has been somewhat obsessive for the past 8 years and that's not been very healthy.

Over the summer, I experimented with a social media-free test (no FB etc. This post will appear on FB but I ain't going over to see it again!) and have found it to be pretty beneficial. It's been interesting seeing more and more research around the obsessive end of social media and the impacts on society as a whole. I loved the idea raised in a NY Times article last week that challenges friends going out to dinner to leave their phones in the middle of the table. The first to capitulate and check their phone picks up the tab. I know more than one person who would be paying plenty of dinner bills. What did we do before smart phones? I look at people in cafes and in cars and observe how much they are tethered. I wrote a bit about it here – the power of "being" rather than "updating". The device can be so helpful but such an intrusion.

Last weekend, I extended my Facebook-free test to include no checking of email. Sunday morning comes and I am under the weather but Harper has an 8am soccer game. It is bucketing rain. We get to the game only to be told it is cancelled. If only I had checked my email! So it is not a case of just shutting it all down. Everything in moderation as my Dad used to say.

As Fynn and Harper start accessing phones I see we need to be more aware. Whatever we do, they do so my little experiment is good for them to watch and learn.

We had a good summer of gTeas both in the US and UK (Video below). 

In my last blog, I referred to a great deal of disruptive innovation that was introduced at gDiapers. The results are emerging and I am pleased with it all. It has been challenging at times, not perfect by a longshot but it was very much needed and there are core truths that have emerged. I am excited to share it all when it is fully baked. More soon! A lot more. Soon!


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