2014 kick off

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 12.08.38 pm

After a break back in Sydney to get our US work visas renewed over the Christmas / New Year period, Kim and I and the boys are back State side and ready for a big year. 

We kicked off yesterday with the team and a reminder of the importance of the Tim Tam slam involving the dipping of the greatest biscuit (cookie) of all time into any hot drink.

A company's culture is made of not just the people but the stories of that culture. Kim reminded the crew of some of the lore here at g as we head out into the new year. 

We are a week or so away from a wrapping up a long awaited brand refresh and we are super excited about that. Like our 8 year old son, g is also 8 and like (not-so -little) Harper, we have matured somewhat and we want to show that.  It will allow us to connect  in new and different ways to our current and new Mums while maintaining what has made  g special since we launched in 2005. 

Like our little fella growing up, the growing up of a company & brand is not a simple or straight forward task. There are peaks and troughs. Last year we felt both in many, varied ways. How one deals with the troughs determines how high the next peak is and my sense is we are heading onwards and upward in good shape.

At the end of the day, g is still Kim, me, and 20 great people in the US and UK. 2014 will see the passion, drive and energy that has made g the great company it is. 

More to come! 





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