And on the personal front…

After raising the kids for 10 years in the US, they are now nearly fully Australianised. Surfing, cricket, tennis and golf dominate along with one strong US influence – basketball. Son #1 in fact toured his previous homeland of America on a basketball tour last year.  Being on Bondi beach means surfing is on the cards most days. 

While the boys rote learned all 50 states and Capital cities while living in the US, I am not sure they have committed to memory Australia's 7 states and territories. Getting their heads around metric took a little more time than expected but other than that, they are now Aussie. 

gCycle , the new part of the business is focused around the UK and EU and because of that, our travels taking us to those parts of the world this year. Happily the kids can make it on some of these trips.

 More to come from the road next week. 





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