Circular Economy, Lamina Flow, Surfing

A second Circular Economy business brewing in the household

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 4.24.08 PM

My surf-mad, 13 year old son has his heart and mind set on designing a Circular Economy – inspired surfboard. He had his first conference call with Lamina Flow, a Yamba, NSW based surfboard redesign company this afternoon. 

Here's a video if what they are up to: 

Like me 15 years ago not realising just how bad nappies are for the planet, surfboards are dead awful for all concerned. The industry is yet to enter the 21st century with most shapers being a little bit backyard in their approach. The process of building a board with layers of oil-based poly foams and resins is just as bad as a nappy. And the average pro-surfer goes through 100 boards a year. And they do that because boards snap and no two boards are identical so surfers want to have choice. It's interesting to me that there is actually no perfect replicability in the manufacturing  process of a surf board. They are all slightly different. And they all end up snapping. Unlike say skis or snowboards where a complete break is unlikely. So the industry is ripe for disruption. 

Pity this afternoon's French, Science, Maths and English homework because it just ain't going to be happening. 




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