Procrastination: The Masterclass.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 4.54.15 AM

Not happy Jan. 

I took procrastination to a whole new level this past weekend thanks to a multitude of deadlines coming up this week and a complete lack of will to really get on with it. For there is grant funding available for projects like ours but it requires actually applying for them all. 

Grant writing you say? How hard could that be? But first, six sections of Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald to read. And the surf looks pretty good. And then some grant writing was had. And there was indeed a fair whack of writing leading into Saturday night. Missed a mates 50th and all. 

Sunday arrives and I'd committed to a bit of Old School (as in at the school I went to in the 80's) touch footy months earlier. Playing on an All-Star 80's team with people around my old age (let's call it mid 40's shall we?) against people way younger than us (including kids I taught back at the old Alma Mater), it was the perfect storm for the calves, the hammies, that dicky meniscus and all the ACL's. It was only after that wrapped up that I knew I needed to hunker down and I was seriously so close to getting my hunker on. Alas, no hunkering ensued. It was an afternoon of "let's get some vacuuming done" and "My legs are sore" and "Who wants to go for ice cream?".

Fast forward to now and it is 5 am on Tuesday morning and the wife / co-founder and I have pulled an all-nighter to get one of the wretched applications in. (Well, she's doing most of the work. I am writing this. You get the picture). Deadline is today, Tuesday May 29, 11.59pm London Time. We have heaps of time…sort of. 




PS: Here are the 80's All Stars in case you were wondering: 

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 5.02.46 AM



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