gCycle, London, UK

It’s all happening.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 8.05.34 AM

Day One in the UK and after a jet-lagged run through Kensington Palace Gardens we headed off for several meetings, before a quick feed at Borough markets. Heading back to our "office" (Thank you Pret A Manger's everywhere… ) , we witnessed a fleet of Range Rovers race past with none other than Rachel Zane, the paralegal from the hit US TV show Suits in her latest role as Duchess of Sussex. Today's episode was filmed at Royal Ascot with the horsies and all. I knew it was her as that hat was seriously battling to fit in the Rangie. 


Also today in London there is much "excitement" for The Donald's trip here on July 13. So much excitement in fact that a 6 metre high inflatable "Trump Baby" in a nappy and all will be launched over the Houses of Parliament in honour of his visit. Please note that that nappy is NOT one of ours…although at 70, statistically he probably IS wearing an incontinence product. I will just leave that there. 

If you want to get on board, the oversubscribed Crowdfunder is here.    

Today the work continues. Arrangements to start trials with nurseries, testing of new processing methods to turn our nappies in to resources, a PR agency or two to meet etc! 





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