Random Neuron Firing

Setting the tone

After 14 years on blogging platform Typepad I finally moved over to WordPress yesterday.

And the move has been revelatory. Back in 2001 (!) Typepad launched their revolutionary platform and then never got around to updating for like everything (mobile, media uploads etc etc) WordPress on the other hand is everything you want in a blogging platform: intuitive, customisable, mobile friendly with excellent customer service when you need a tip.

In posing a question to the WordPress customer service crew yesterday, I was first asked an unexpected question but one that really made me stop and think.

The question was “How do you feel”. That was pretty disarming. I thought about it and responded that I felt pretty good. And that’s pretty crucial data for the Customer Service agent about to surprise and delight me. Because if they know going in that I’m infuriated / ready to go Postal, they will probably manage the inquiry differently and more effectively.

By asking that question they know my state of mind and attitude which is sort of more important than the question itself. It almost guarantees a better outcome.

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