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One thing from last week’s Ellen MacArthur Summit that is sticking in my mind is the notion that while change is the only thing we can count on, there seems to be an unprecedented acceleration in the rate of change.

At the Summit, Blockchain was described as the next internet – a piece of technology that will fundamentally change all that we do. Today we see a fledgling crypto-currency and early legal transactions on the chain but little else. Apparently there’s much more to come.

In the face of such change there are two responses. Lean in and embrace it or run the other way.

Brexit and Trump were described as a firm example of the latter. The theory goes that the once very privileged and powerful part of society: white men, now getting older voted to step back in time. Protectionism, isolationism, anything but the Status Quo.

For the US, a multi-bankrupted, twice divorced, philandering racist is better than the direction the US was heading in. As former Speaker of the House John Boehner noted, this isn’t the Republican Party, this is the Trump Party.

During my stay in the UK last week, reading about preparations for Brexit in the press was beyond painful. Some companies are set to relocate to the EU, while others like Renault are utterly confused about what the future holds for their UK operations.

Flying into Lisbon yesterday reminded me of the practical dimension of Brexit. All those UK passport holders will soon be shepherded through the slow, laborious “Foreigner” lane just as they did 30 years ago. 30 years ago!

One wonders if the damage caused is permanent and how long it will take for these two countries to rejoin the world after their giant leaps backwards.

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