On the daily

After a break in transmission

I had committed to a post a day but the last two weeks have been somewhat mental as we have all seen.

For me I have noticed that the core need to stay “up to date” has resulted in endless reading of well-sourced and totally not well-sourced content from all over the place which is entirely exhausting.

The confluence of a media now bought and owned by Left and Right along with the defunding of public broadcasters (BBC, NPR and ABC) and the emergence of Twitter which allows 7.7 billion of us to become immunologists over night eliminates a single source of truth. For the consumer of news there are (at least) two voices in our heads. One is “what am I reading” and the other is “how far left or right is the author, are they qualified and what are their sources”. With no trusted news sources the work of discerning truth from fiction is no longer with newspaper editors but with you and me. The double whammy is just like COVID-19, “facts” are so easily spread via Social Media.

I am not totally sure how we come back from this. Maybe it’s not a “coming back” but a leap forward into something brand new.

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