As Aristotle famously said, the road to the C suite of a nappy company is never a smooth one.

It started after Uni with a flirtation in Japan’s financial markets with Nomura Securities. Financially enriched but morally bankrupt a degree in education followed leading to a stint teaching Japanese at high school and university.

Then a Canadian lass came on the scene and after 200 dates around Sydney, dating books were published and “2’s Company Boutique Event Management” was born. Once in a lifetime bespoke events for the well-healed.

That Canadian is now the wife of 20 years.

After 200 dates, babies were inevitable. Two in fact. And with babies came nappies. So very many nappies. Like 5,000 per baby. Research on alternatives was done and disappointment ensued. We could put a man on the moon (did we though?) but nappies, invented in 1960 still used a cup of oil to make and in the US 20 billion were being landfilled each year. A solution was found in Tasmania of all places. A flushable, compostable nappy.

As happy nappy customers we licensed that product’s IP, packed up the kids (one still in the oven) and the dog, moved to America, raised capital, rebranded and launched gDiapers in 2005. That was back when MySpace was cool and Facebook was called The Facebook and was solely for Harvard geeks looking for lady friends.

In 2015 we moved back to Bondi Beach in Sydney to Australianize our two sons and continue to run the business.

Our newest innovation is gCycle , creating endless clean energy from dirty disposable nappies. We have started in the UK (where landfills are at near capacity), partnering with nurseries. We offer up our plastic-free nappies and each week collect them and take them offsite to process them into soil, power or fuel, thus avoiding landfill.

This blog was started the day we touched down in the US in 2005. Since then it has evolved into a place that covers more than just the business with observations on the world we live in, working with the wife, triple-bottom line businesses, why the Wallabies may never win another game of rugby again, disruptive innovation and running marathons. Always a post or two about marathons…


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