Australia melting

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For my US cousins who may not have heard, the greatest bushfire disaster unfolded this week in Australia…

The Government has just approved a $950 payment to all families as a part of Australia’s economic stimulus package. There is now a move to redirect those funds to the victims of the fire. Sounds good to me.


Oprah backs Australia (the movie, coming out November 26…)

Oprah had Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman on her show last week to talk about “Australia” – the latest work from Baz Luhrmann (Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge!) due out November 26.
I know Australia is small population -wise but when Hugh Jackman did a quick tour of his favorite Sydney spots and he rocked up to Speedo’s – our local cafe, and spoke with Susie – one of the owners and a neighbour of ours (who we worked out via Oprah that she is preggo – congrats Susie), that was kinda freaky.
No pressure, but this is the most expensive movie ever made in Australia and Tourism Australia is banking on Baz to lure America down under. So do yourself a favor and go see Australia.


Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi

With the Olympics just around the corner I hope this months Aussie sporting success continues. Cadel Evans is leading La Tour de France, the Great White Shark is leading the British Open (at 53 and in cyclone conditions) and the Wallabies beat the reigning world champions, Seth Efrica last night. The Boks beat the All Blacks last week so we are the World Champions again, right?  Do we really need another Rugby World Cup?


Saying sorry at last

Picture_2 Rare that news from home hits the New York Times front page. This week the new Democrat Leader Kevin Rudd apologized to the Aboriginal people for the “Stolen Generation”, a time where children were forcibly removed from their homes to live with white families. It is the beginning of reconciliation after 15 years of a Republican leader who just refused to acknowledge the problem.

Most impressive was the leaders of both the Democratic and Republican parties forming a “War Cabinet” to work on the issue together- the first time since WW2.