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Viva Las Vegas Baby


In a complete aside to the business, I am running in the inaugural Las Vegas marathon in 2 weeks. The course starts at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and works its way down the main drag, out into the desert and hopefully back to the Mandalay Bay for a leisurely afternoon of Black Jack.
Only a Vegas marathon would offer a run-through wedding chapel at mile 5. If it’s not the temptation of a Brittney Spears style shotgun wedding it’ll be the 30 odd casinos in the first 5 miles that will probably see my down fall…my training includes watching repeats of ESPN’s World Series of Poker . An Aussie won it I gather so it’s in the blood.

Cradle to Cradle, Green Business

Word of mouth works…


So it’s 8pm and the phone rings. A customer with an enquiry. She happens to be from San Diego where we have had no PR, and currently no distribution. So how on earth did she find gDiapers? Well she’s a cloth diaper user but wanting to find a better breed of cloth. She was at “Jimbo’s” – an organic supermarket in San Diego and noticed another Mum with a bub who looked like she was wearing cloth diapers, getting into her car. They got to talking all things diapers as you do in supermarket car parks. And Mum getting into car with bub tells customer, “oh you have to check out gDiapers, I just saw them at the Green Festival in San Francisco. Google them to get their website”. So she did. And she called. And we had a yarn for about half an hour. Discovered we are both Prius drivers.
Who needs an ad budget?

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Green Festival Ends


What a great way to end a great Festival. William McDonough did a terrific presentation on the New Industrial Revolution and in the process mentioned that our diapers are being accredited “Cradle to Cradle”. I was blown away that he would do such a thing. I had him sign a copy of his book for the team back home – thus the pic.

But the highlight has to be Daryl – sorry Mr McDonough.

Now back in portland sifting through a million business cards to follow up on.

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