Election 2008

I nearly single-handledy brought down the Obama campaign today…

That was a close one…

I am a part of "Cleantech & Green Business for Obama" - a group of green business leaders supporting Obamarama.

A fundraiser was planned and they needed a private home to host it. We were all set and I was sure the vetting process would be fine. Yes, we are Australians so by definition we are all convicts but my record is pretty clean. 
Lo and behold, we have been nixayed. The rules state you have to be a permanent resident to host one of those shindigs. No immigrants allowed!


Election 2008

This November

To my American cousins, this November 4, please vote! For a country that wants to democratize the middle east, the table here shows the US ranked way down the bottom in terms of participation. Even ignoring those countries where voting is compulsory (like Australia), if only half of all eligible voters here vote, the system doesn’t really work. For the 50% who don’t choose to vote, you can’t complain about the result. Making it on a Saturday instead of a Tuesday would help.
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