Every Mother Counts

Christy & me talking about Every Mother Counts and a running race we are getting ready for!

Today I dropped in to see Christy Turlington Burns and Erin Thornton of Every Mother Counts in the wonderful Meatpacking district in NYC.

gDiapers and EMC are working together to support the cause and find ways we can support both of our wonderful communities of Mums who want real-world connection and an opportunity to give back. More to come on that front!

As a part of the fund-raising program, EMC is running the NY City Marathon this November and I am running too. Thank you to everyone who has given so generously. If you would like to donate, click here!

Christy and I put this together to plead my case. Please give!

Every Mother Counts, gDiapers

Every Mother Count’s “No Mother’s Day” campaign

Christy Turlington’s non-profit, Every Mother Counts has taken celebrating Mother’s Day in a different direction this year. She is asking Mums to be silent for the day to recognize women globally who put their lives at risk during the birth process due to lack of food, water, transportation and medical expertise.
Predictably in the shiny, happy “reality” we live in where the day should be all Hallmark, all the time, there has been some resistance to this! Stay strong CTB!