Doom and Gloom in the UK

I have been reading the UK
business press over the last two weeks and it is all grim. Marks and Sparks (the
big retailer) fell 25% in one day of trading and there is red figures all over the
place with more sub –prime losses to come. Curious to know if the US is sliding
into the same state. Will find out soon enough.



I have been conducting
research while holidaying out of the country. Given America uses 25% of the
world’s resources but represents just 5% of the world’s population, my
exhaustive interviews with foreigners show that they (we) should have a say in
the upcoming US election. That’s polling booths for the 5,700,000,000 of us
foreigners. Buy stock in Diebold NOW…!


5,000 miles away from Portland…

We spent this morning wandering around our fabulous Friday market in Meyssac. Meyssac is a village of just 500 people, one mile away from our home away from home. There we saw a true community in action. Everyone from octogenarians to newlyweds and newborns communing over a market of local fresh fruit & vegetables, tapenades, fish, bread, beef, olive oils…ugh – it was heaven. It was a million miles away from the mass supermarkets of Sydney and Portland (offering apples from Brazil, juice from Honduras and meat from New Zealand) that we are more familiar with.
So I was quite surprised to literally bump into Suzie (pictured) – a neighbour from Northwest Portland! She was in town for just two days and just happened to drop into Meyssac village for the day. Encroyable!