gDay LA 2008

gDay LA wheels & dresses



Dsc00009 Kim just pointed out I didn’t mention the threads and the wheels. We managed to get a ride in a 2008 Rolls Royce Phantom to the shin dig from my childhood friend Sammy Walder’s hotel the Four Seasons in Bev Hills (OK, she doesn’t town it but she is the HR Director there). A great ride. BMW has done a good job of integrating their cutting edge technology (turn the engine off and the flying angel disappears) with RR’s fine traditions – suicide doors (the back doors open back to front).

As for Kimmy’s dress it is 6 years old – so pretty timeless. Picked it out myself on spec and lo and behold it fitted perfectly!

gDay LA 2008

Qantas Choir at gDay LA



Choir_2 Herewith some more photos of the Qantas choir from Saturday night. They did a great rendition of “I still call Australia home” that got the crowd of 1,300 Aussies as homesick as ever! Thanks to Jackie who commented on my post below – I wish I had more photos for you.

gDay LA 2008

g’Day LA highlights



Dsc00029_5 A great night was had by all. Kylie Minogue and movie director Philip Noyce (The Quiet American, Patriot Games, Clear & Present Danger, Dead Calm, Rabbit Proof Fence…) were honoured for services to their professions. Entertainment from Olivia Newton-John was great witha flashback to Grease with John Travolta in the room.

Before dinner I managed to end up with an extra glass of champagne (common Australian problem) so gave offered it up to a lass we had just met. In a stroke of good fortune her table (which happened to be next to ours) won bottles of Penfold’s very famous Grange Hermitage. Proving that Karma is real, she swung by and let me have her glass…tasted like heaven!