gDiapers in China

gChina Edition: Guangdong folks are mad for basketball

Fynn insisted on using his allowance to buy a basketball while we have been here. He has brought it over the border and into mainland China for any possible pick up games. The ball along with the Blazer's top has caught the eye of many locals who followed Yao Ming's Rockets in the play offs against the Blazers. And then this morning we flick on the TV to watch the Lakers take on the Nuggets. There's no escape from it!


gDiapers in China

gChina Edition: Sunday adventures.

Started the day with a 5 mile run along a great path high above Hong Kong harbor with my good friend from days, Peter Stockdale. Along the way we bumped into a high school friend, John Agostini- the world is truly so small! So a good work out and a good catch up!

Then we hit water with a ferry ride. Very Sydney-esque without the Harbor Bridge. There was even a yacht race to watch.