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London 2010: gNappies launches in the UK today!

Friday October 22, 2010. Or 10.22.10. Or 22.10.10 where I am from. That's the day (today) we launch gNappies.

Kim, Kate and I along with Jennifer & Margaret – our UK distributors ( – are off to The Baby Show this morning to meet the Mums of London! Tally ho.

Mike Dodge our Web Czar has been working furiously to get the "tubes" (the internets) humming along. Screen shot below. 

Picture 2

And for those in the UK, check out

Picture 3


gDiapers, gNappies

London 2010: Day Five. Lunch with method UK!

We headed off to Richmond for lunch with Louise and Sarah of Method. Method came in to the UK 3 years ago so they had much to teach us. They were very generous with their time and we feel waaaay smarter now!

They also have a very cool office including a micro ping-pong facility! Kate took on Method's reigning world champion, recruited out of Canada.









They also have a fabulous bubble machine and a flamingo. Note to self: include bubble machine & flamingo expense in 2011 budget.