New York 2010

The kids in NYC

Kim &  I had a great all day meeting with some super smart folks. Meanwhile, Fynn & Harper enjoyed the best of the city on this warm (nearly summer's) day with Jared – our Manny(!). I used to be a Japanese teacher at high school in Sydney (perfect preparation for any diaper executive). Most teachers teach co-curricular things too. So I coached rugby and cricket but also did Theatresports (Improv comedy – also important in running a start up, especially with investors. "Look at the shiny bright light"…)  Jared was in those classes and his team actually won the State Titles – how very Glee of us…

Anyways, Jared is now in NYC doing the acting thing. So a week of actual paid work was very welcomed.


On Sunday, we ventured to Toys R US / Babies R Us. Did a quick check of the gDiapers set and then stumbled upon the new version of hackysacks – ones for the hands, called Myachi's…kids are obsessed.  

Harper preparing for his dream job – Veterinarian / International Spy (seriously).

Fynn bargained his way down to $5 for these sunnies from a street vendor and then checked out the Zoo.

The boys had their "Big" moment at FAO Schwartz. "Dad, who the heck is Tom Hanks?"…oy vey.

Fynn "chillaxed" (his word not mine) out in Central Park…


He really is obsessed by these hacky sacky things…

Harper FINALLY has a shower…you can lead a horse to water…