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Disaster economics

During the bushfires a few weeks back, the community I live in started organising an event to raise money for our country cousins.

It’s on this weekend: 50 Bondi Beach businesses doing their bit with raffles, sales and live music concerts all to raise money for the Lions Club to then distribute to the Bush.

Talking to friends this morning and it seems some of these communities have been so overwhelmed by product donations that it’s actually hurting their local stores. Why buy local when there’s all this free stuff? In some cases army bases are overflowing with donated products.

So the intention is right but the execution not so. Evidently the best thing you can do is book a holiday in one of these regional communities and spend your dollars there. So that’s the plan suring the upcoming school holidays.

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Truly biblical

After massive bushfires we now have biblical rains. Trees are coming down, houses are without power and my train trip to Uni to teach has come to a grinding halt this morning as there has been a landslide.

All we need are locusts and the rivers running red and we will be all set for the second coming.

Meanwhile our Murdoch-dominated media continues to deny, deny, deny any tie between human actions and climate change.

Which makes watching HBO’s Succession all the more enthralling.

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50th birthday bash: the final bit…

placeholder://Stage 3 of the birthday bash saw seven original school friends, all (still!) married and now with 20 kids come together for a little brunch and basketball.

The annual birthday cricket match was replaced with basketball due to massive rain storms. The kids predictably crushed the adults in a basketball shootout!

Great speeches and an epic cake baked by my God- daughter made for a great morning.

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Staying young

As I think about how to stay active for this 5th decade on planet earth my 82 year old mother announced today that she’s taken up pool.

And not pool at some snooty club. It’s pool at the rough and tumble North Bondi Golf & Diggers Club.

I imagine she’ll be taking the hard-earned cash of local tradies very very soon.

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All or nothing

Epic bush fires for months taking 33 lives.

A Virus spreading around the world taking 638 lives and counting.

Then flash flooding here in Sydney after 48 hours of rain with 4 more days of heavy falls to come.

The system is so incredibly out of whack. And while it will self-correct over time it may take us humans with it.