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The Pretty Woman a gMum??

Robertsvfx USA Today reports that Vanity Fair reports…

At 40, Julia Roberts wants to make less.

Less garbage, that is.

With husband Danny Moder, 38, twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 2, and baby Henry, 4 months, she worries about the environment. “You can’t help but be aware, because now we are a home of five people,” the actress tells the next issue of Vanity Fair, on sale in New York and Los Angeles Wednesday and nationally Nov. 13.

“We make a lot of garbage. How can we make less garbage? This is our plight. I use Seventh Generation (chlorine-free, non-toxic) diapers for Finn and Hazel, and then I was turned on to the (plastic-free, flushable) gDiapers” for Henry. “It is flushable, but you’ve got to stir that thing! If you don’t really break it all the way up, it doesn’t go all the way down,” advises the multimillion-dollar leading lady.

Most comfortable these days in her real-life role as mom, the star of 1990’s Pretty Woman and 2000’s Erin Brockovich says she thinks she’s done having children — “at this point I’m having so much fun with them.” She continues, “You only have so much energy and you want to put so much energy into each child. I wouldn’t know how to have five kids. And they’re really a good trio, these three.”

We feel pretty chuffed here at gHQ.

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In the press

We have had a great week in the media with pieces in USA Today (news by pictures but #1 in circulation), the Wall Street Journal (not fully featured but the mention sounded like we were part of the diaper establishment) and the bestest – that championed Cradle to Cradle product design. If the link dies, here it is:


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Quirky weird fact

Images2 Sir James Dyson built 5,126 prototypes of his now famous bagless vacuum cleaner before getting the product spot on. As he says, an inventor’s life is one of failure. He had 5,126 of them. But from failure comes learning. We at “g” are constantly looking at the design of our products. It is a relentless activity with no end in sight. But with every iteration is improvement – a nice consolation.

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Images_69 So many milestones this month…

(1) Celebrated our 2 year anniversary of our arrival in the US.
(2) Son # 1 turned 4 – he has now spent more of his life in the US than he has in Australia (don’t tell Mum).
(3) Over 200 members of a website started by a customer for gParents to share knowledge. This is one of the greatest achievements of the business to date. And leafing through version one of the Business Plan dated February 2004, I can’t see a mention of it. It’s just one of those wonderful, unpredicatble things that happens in business sometimes.
(4) gD has now gone international, busily learning French before it heads to the great white north.
(5) Celebrated Employee #3’s 1 year anniversary with Tim Tams no less.
(6) gD now the #2 brand in the US after just 10 months
(7) Kim and I are still talking!

Hopefully many more milestones like this to come. Thanks to all of our customers for making all of the above possible. You rock!

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Hood to Coast 2006 results

Dsc_0128 Our team: gDiapers: Just Flush It! put in a superlative effort at the 25th running of this 197 mile epic. We came in 353th out of 1,000 entrants with an average pace of 8.20 minute miles. We were 22nd in our division – Mixed Corporate Open.
All up, 27 hours of running. What’s more, the roofracked diapers (pictured) made quite the impression. So much so I ran out of business cards and at one point one of my team mates was left talking to an interested party while I was getting ready for one of my legs.
Now totally exhausted but most satsified.