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g becomes a B!

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That's right folks. gDiapers is now a B Corporation and we are so excited! So what's it all about?

Certified B Corporations:

1) meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance;

2) legally expand their corporate responsibilities to include consideration of stakeholder interests; and

3) build collective voice through the power of the unifying B Corporation brand. 

There are over 400 Certified B Corporations from over 50 industries, representing a diverse multi-billion marketplace. 

I love their (our) Declaration of Interdependence:

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Stories from the green business trenches


There are not many of us – we lunatic founders of sustainable businesses. I am eternally grateful to those that have gone before Kim & I and blazed a trail. One of those people is Seth Goldman of Honest Tea. He has always been a great supporter of g and has helped me personally think about how to manage and grow the business. While diapers and tea are a million miles away as products, our approach to business is very close.

Seth writes a regular blog for Inc. and this week's was a good read, addressing the recent moves over at Seventh Generation and the removal of their founder, Jeffrey Hollender. It is a sad state of affairs. I couldn't agree more that the key for founders is to maintain control. Easier said than done but clearly having a profitable business is a great first step. It avoids the need for ever more capital from outside investors which will dilute both control and ownership.

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The robots are coming!

The truth about diapers.com finally revealed. While their TV commercials attempt to show babies running the place, it is actually run by robots. Well, their Distribution Center is at least. The best feature of these robots (we checked them out a couple of weeks ago) is that when they get a little tired, they take themselves out of commission to get recharged. And we understand that if you turn all the lights out in their 1 million square foot facility, all you see are the eyes of a hundred robots going up and down the aisles…How cool is that? (Yes, I’m a geek)
I wonder if they’d work here…gBots…?

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Chocolate flavored formula. Discontinued…the power of social media. Discuss.

Wow, what a difference a week makes. That and a bazillion blog / twitter /Facebook comments about this product (including the three people who read my blog. Hi Mum!)


Mead Johnson pulls controversial toddler drink
By Guy Montague-Jones, 09-Jun-2010

Related topics: Financial & Industry

Online criticism on blogs and forums has prompted Mead Johnson to pull a fortified chocolate drink aimed at toddlers.

The recent addition to the Enfagrow Premium range attracted a lot of negative attention on the internet as bloggers hit out against the idea of a chocolate formula product.

Distraction to brand

This pressure has led Mead Johnson to discontinue the product. Spokesperson Christopher Perille said the online debate was in danger of being “a distraction to the brand”.

Nevertheless, the company insists that there has been some “mischaracterization and misunderstanding” surrounding the story.

Mead Johnson spokesperson Christopher Perille said the chocolate product had often been misrepresented as an infant formula product when it is in fact a “growing up milk” aimed at toddlers. He said the idea is to

Nutritional profile

But Mead Johnson claims the chocolate drink has a superior nutritional profile to many other alternative products on the market including apple juice, grape juice, and similarly flavored dairy drinks.

Perille said toddlers can be picky about their food and the Mead Johnson chocolate drink is way for parents to ensure that their young children get access to important nutrients. The product contained vitamins A, B1, B6, C and E and was also a source of Omega-3 DHA and prebiotics.

Although Mead Johnson has stopped the chocolate version of the Enfagrow Premium brand, the company plans to continue selling its original unflavored version and a vanilla flavor launched last year. The products are sold only in the US through traditional retail stores.


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Diapers.com launches Soap.com!

We spent some of last week with our friends over at diapers.com in New Jersey. They have been a great partner to us. gDiapers.com and diapers.com launched the same year and I have been lucky enough to see them in each of their three offices over the 5 years and from three employees to over a hundred.

So it is exciting to learn about their new business, soap.com coming in July. As mentioned in the attached, we can attest to the existence of robots in their Distribution Center. It is a site to behold. They truly are the kings of logistics and Marc, Vinnie and their entire team are terrific.

So onward and upward Quidsi! (Their parent company name. It means "What if?" in Latin.)

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