Self Management

You are the average of the five people you most associate with.

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It is often said that you are a product of the five people you spend the most time with. Who is in your five? A significant other + colleagues + kids + mates + a pup + out-laws?

It’s a bit frightening really because for some that circle can include people that you had no say in being in your inner circle. I speak of colleagues in work settings.

You are sort of just thrown together based on skill set and role but then spend far more time with them than your significant other in many circumstances. I recently read where doing an audit of these five is a healthy first step to really reflect on those people and how they may impact your way of being. You can then make a choice to rearrange personnel who you want to be around. Try it out!

Self Management

ABC Kids Expo 2011: Giddy up Marty, Gilly and Julie

Here's the rest of the gang in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend.


Marty is our King of Sales here with Michelle  at the Kentucy Derby museum.


Gilly does many things. She  job shares Customer Service (with Heather who didn't get to Ky) and also works on Wholesale as well as manages gHQ's space – the light, the desks, this is the important stuff! If the workspace isn't working, nothing gets done. 


And this is Julie who co-ordinates our PR efforts with Michelle  in front of an incredibly docile horse.


And this is Kim racing some bizarre half-legged beast at the Kentucky Derby Museum after Day One of the show. It seems to be all beer and skittles there.


Self Management

ABC Kids Expo 2011

The crew (Kim, Michelle, Gillian, Karen, Jolynn & Marty)  is in Louisville, Kentucky today through Sunday at the ABC Kids Expo. To date it has been held in salubrious Las Vegas so I am hoping the switch hasn't been too bad. The all day flight yesterday wouldn't have been a ton of fun…

They've built the booth and I think the floor opens any time now.

Go well gTeam!

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Self Management

American Airlines

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I know I am not the first to say this but man American Airlines is bad. Like the worst ever. 

Human behavior is fairly simple to understand. If you charge $25 for the first bag to be checked then lo and behold, no one checks anything and everyone stands around waiting to board with carry-ons that weigh a ton and barely fit overhead. Check-in staff then do the dance…they see that on a 757 there are 3 bags underneath and 300 waiting to take a run at an overhead bin. They walk the waiting area and start the negotiation. "Could you check that?". "Fat chance". And so it goes…

Add to that the powdered milk, limited in-flight entertainment, pre-war aircraft and tired crews (or vice versa on those last two points) and it is a miracle they are still in business.


Self Management

To: The CEO’s of every US airline

Pop Quiz: When was the last time your airline ranked in the top 10 of the Best Airline in the World rankings? What's it going to take to get there? Can you work on that? Right now, flying on your aged fleets with everything bar farting pay-as-you-go, is a truly horrible experience.

The final top 10 ranking in the awards were:

1. Asiana Airlines

2. Singapore Airlines

3. Qatar Airways

4. Cathay Pacific

5. Air New Zealand

6. Etihad Airways

7. Qantas Airways

8. Emirates

9. Thai Airways

10. Malaysia Airlines