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When a competitor joins your affiliate program

Picture_2 What does it mean when a competitor joins your affiliate program, puts an ad up for your product and puts their own up just below? The highest form of flattery? Type in “gDiapers” into google and the top paid result is not ours but one for gDiapers paid for by Tendercare. Times they are confusing!

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Chicago Green Business Conference 2007 (1)

Headergreencalogo I am in the windy city for a terrific 3 day conference on green business. The luminaries of the industry are here – Michael Crooke – ex CEO of Patagonia, Jeffrey Hollender of 7th Gen, Ray Anderson the king of cradle to cradle with is innovative carpet business and many more. Also good talks from the folks at LOHAS, giving us a sense of the fast growth of the sustainable business sector. Joel Makower, a prolific green blogger and author gave a thought provoking presentation on the business of green business. The data he presented is indeed the data that has not budged a whole lot in 15+ years – US consumers are aware of organic and sustainable but the percentage of consumers who actually change their behaviour is still extraordinarily low. This was somewhat of a buzz kill after a rah rah day but there you have it. The very next day on the front page of USA Today was a piece supporting that thesis with the headline: “Doing right thing isn’t easy, even for those who want to: Green living takes roots but habits die hard”.

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The feminine mistake…

Images A book by Leslie Bennetts, arguably the bravest women in America for adressing this hot button issue, she believes that women should get back to work. She reckons that women who leave the work force are gambling their future and that of their chillins as they are relying on hubby’s salary. So ladies, it’s time to get back to work…I thought the diaper debate was a biggy. I thought breastfeeding was a biggy. Not sure anything trumps this debate however…

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Innocence lost

Sheaf_wideweb__470x3410 Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Sydney has lost its innocence. After we were “home invaded” in January in Bondi, my local pub – The Golden Sheaf – the one we could all get into at 16, the one where we celebrated the end of our HSC (SAT) exams, the one where you met your first girlfriend… was taken down yesterday by 3 “armed bandits”. A slight exaggeration as they were armed with a starter’s pistol but still. I just love the lackadaisical view of the patrons – their first reaction was to just carry on drinking. God bless ’em!

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One star vs Five stars…

Images After staying in four budget hotels in 6 days a couple of weeks ago, I had the jarring experience of staying in a 5 star hotel this week. Fear not investors and Board Members, it was at very mates rates (think Super 8) thanks to a friend from way back when who works there.

Some Observations :

– One staff member for every guest – they just swarm all over you
– They didn’t just make the bed, I think they ironed it
– Not a USA Today sprawled over the floor outside the door, rather a choice of any paper ever printed, in a branded bag hanging on the door handle
– A mini bar that was actually fully stocked (I didn’t drink a thing I promise)
– A waiter that said if they didn’t have the tea Kim was after, he would personally go down the road and buy it for her
– The valet doesn’t need your ticket – they know your face
– You don’t actually need a car. They have a “house car” (a 2006 Roller no less…) that is on hand, ready to take you anywhere
– A plethora of shi shi bottled water – Fiji in the rooms, Voss offered as the valet gets your car
– A separate elevator for celebs…never noticed that at Super 8
– Because the hotel is in celeb land, everyone wears sunnies inside, giving the impression that everyone is a celeb. In fact no one is a celeb, they are all just working hard at looking like one. One weird result of this is that everyone looks very closely at everyone else, just to make sure they are or are not a celeb…it’s a tough gig

Checking back in to a Super 8 next week is going to be really, really hard.

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The 2007 Australia Day Gift

This report is 2 months late. I know you have all been waiting with bated breath!

The 2007 Australia Day Gift was run in magnificent East Maitland in country New South Wales attracting a world class field of sprinters from all four corners of the globe. The track was meticulously prepared by the Milkman & Dicko. Rubik – the fastest man on earth was given the traditional butternut pumpkin by the handicapper to keep him honest.

A clean start saw the pigs take the early lead – pretty simple when you’re given a 20 metre start. By the 50 metre mark the pumpkin carrying Rubik tried to make his move by actually weaving around the wayward Buff but to no avail…Dicko and yours truly had made inroads. Come the tape, I had managed to win my first gift, stewards report pending.

I would like to thank the Committee, the Stewards, the Handicapper and the caterers for the magnificent post race fare. The backyard cricket and sprinklers were also a treat.