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A touch of De Niro

Tff_logo Kimmo and I are in NYC for the day – gotta love that JetBlue redeye. With 42 channels free it is just so hard to get any shut eye. We are here as a sponsor of a film that has been shortlisted for the Tribeca Film Festival. The film “The Business of Being Born” is by Rikki Lake of talk show fame. Her first birth involved a 30 hour labour and a world of intervention – drugs, C-section the whole nine yards with lots of machines that go ping. Her second was just the reverse: midwife, at home in a pool. It is a subject close to our hearts. We had both our kids in a pool at home with a midwife. One in Australia and one in the US.
We are setting up for a post launch party in Tribeca and will then choof off to the cinema to see it. Should be fun!

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Someone ran off with our company

Gmums_in_action_3 And they are known as customers like these two champions – Jenn and Melissa in Virgina who said “we wanna help”! So we said sure and they cruised along to their local Whole Foods and spread the gospel. And then they recruited customers and now those customers are wanting to help. I think my job is in jeopardy here…I wonder what the market is like for wsshed up flushable diaper executives?

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Condolences to our neighbours

Images_2 To the Kiwis who lost to Sri Lanka today and were thus bundled out of the World Cup. The Lankans have a confirmed birth in the final. The other team will come from tomorrow’s South Africa- Australia match.
Given today is ANZAC Day – the day the Aussies and Kiwis fought & died together back in 1914 against the Ottoman empire, it is a doubly sad day – for the black caps particularly though.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

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Martha, martha, martha…

ImagesLast Friday, right before Green Fest started, Josh Dorfman – the Lazy Environmentalist appeared on Martha Stewart to show her some new groovy green products. And he was good enought to give gDiapers a big plug which was just superb. With three of us in Chicago, the phones at gHQ lit up for most of the day keeping Sue, Kim and Schooey on their toes! Needless to say we broke a few web sales records. Josh did a great job of really showing how the product works. So we think the interest we receieved was well qualified. Josh’s book is being launched next month. His other passion, is his furniture store Vivavi featuring beautiful, sustainably built pieces.

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Chicago Greenfest


274 So right after the aforementioned Green Business Conference (I did have a last installment but it is tied up in legal and probably won’t see the light of day…) Karen (Admin & Customer Service) and Kelli (Customer Service Queen and resident baseball nut) joined me to (wo) man the well worn booth at Chicago’s first GreenFest. Here we are pictured enduring an excruciating pre- festival session in the bleachers at Wrigley sitting amongst a stag party in 75 degree heat. It was sheer hell.
The festival was a raging success. More people came through by midday on day one than the two days of Green Fest in SFO. I had no idea Chicago was so green.