Speaking Engagements


After 15 years running our company in the US, I have been lucky enough to speak at all sorts of events in the US and Australia.

I love sharing our stories from the trenches in an effort to help the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed in their endeavours.

A favourite theme is “Mastering the Art of Making Meaning and Money”.

Below is a summary of where I’ve spoken and what I have spoken about. Shoot me a note if you need a Keynote with a funny accent (for my American / UK cousins) to talk all things start-up, sustainability, plastics, Circular Economy and B Corps!


University of New South Wales Founders Hackathon KeynotePlastic and the Circular Economy

University of Wollongong iAccelerate Keynote: The Journey is the destination: My entrepreneurial life


Capitol Hill ((Washington DC) Circular Economy Roundtable hosted by the Kingdom of the Netherlands: gCycle: A Circular Story


Purpose Conference (Sydney): Leading a Sustainable Business

World Resources Forum Asia Pacific: Circular Business Case Study

The Conscious Business Summit: gDiapers: our the story so far


Sustainable Brands Conference (San Diego): gDiapers: our the story so far


Cradle to Cradle Summit (New York): gDiapers Cradle to Cradle approach

Cradle to Cradle Product Institute Sustainability Marketing Leadership Round Table (New York): gDiapers Cradle to Cradle approach