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Sund_grove_grn_grow No folks, don’t worry, we haven’t taken all the proceeds in our account and bought billboards. But if you are in New York City or Los Angeles you may see billboard ads for The Sundance Channel’s “The Green”. Click on the image to the left and then imagine it 1,000 times bigger. That’s big for a little brand next to The Sundance Channel, Lexus and Citi Smith Barney. The channel called us after our ‘Hero shot” (that’s the little one in the green g’s crawling away on the front of our package…) a week or two ago. So thrilled to have the little guy blown up and on skylines in two big cities. We can’t wait to let the little model’s parents know!

Don’t forget to watch the show too!

1 thought on “gBillboard?”

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