World- changing Walmart

Walmart Endorses Ban On Plastic Bags

In North Carolina, the Daily Advance
reports that Walmart “has no objections to a ban on single-use plastic
bags in the beach areas of three counties and expects to comply fully
with the measure now that it’s become law.”

The three counties
affected are the Outer Banks areas of Hyde, Currituck and Dare
counties. It requires retailers with five or more stores in North
Carolina and at least 5,000 square feet of sales floor space to offer
paper bags made from 100-percent recyclable materials or reusable tote

“This (change) is right in line with our values,” says
Chris Neeley, a spokesman for Walmart. “Walmart has been a leader
around the country in gradually removing plastic bags from our stores,
and easing people in to reusable bags. We’re a corporate leader in the
green movement.”

The law actually affects only one Walmart
store, but Neeley says that the company could implement changes in
other units based on lessons learned in that single unit.

KC's View:
Another case of Walmart doing the right thing. It is easy to imagine
Walmart getting ahead of the curve on this issue by announcing that it
is eliminating plastic bag usage completely from its stores.

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